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Murder Defense in Fresno, California

Murder Defense

Defending Fresno Clients for 25 Years

When you’ve been accused of a crime as serious as murder, you’ll want the best defense attorney by your side. Attorney Ralph Torres has aggressively fought for the rights of his clients for over 25 years, earning him a reputation for success. Through his efforts, numerous clients have been spared from the effects of life in prison and even the death penalty.

If you’ve been accused of a crime as life-altering as murder, you need the attorney that will help you win. You need Ralph Torres Attorney At Law. Schedule a consultation today and continue reading to let our case results speak for themselves.

Capital Murder Charges

Most recently in 2012, Mr. Torres represented Alejandro Barra against a charge of capital murder, which exposed him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Despite a vote of 10-2 for not guilty, the jury could not come to a unanimous verdict, and the court declared a mistrial. The case was later settled for a plea to voluntary manslaughter, and Mr. Barra will be released soon. The result was an absolute victory.

Attempted Murder Charges

Also in 2012, Mr. Torres represented Rafael Vega against charges of attempted murder and robbery, exposing him to life in prison. The jury vote was 10-2 for not guilty; because it was not unanimous, a mistrial was declared. Mr. Vega later accepted a hard-fought plea agreement guaranteeing that he will be released soon. This case also resulted in victory.

Not Guilty

In several cases, our clients’ murder charges weren’t just lowered, they were declared not guilty.

People v. Marcos Aldrete
People v. Sergio Marmolejo
People v. Harbans Mann

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At Ralph Torres Attorney At Law, we take each and every case seriously. From crime-scene analysis and investigation to witness interviews and the use of forensic experts, you can rest assured that our skilled team will properly prepare and vigorously litigate your case. Your future depends on it, and your freedom deserves nothing less than the best.